August 25, 2004

Hate was just a legend and war was never known

* From the bad news hughes diary of indignities:

"Age 19 – I'm making out with a punk chick in a dark back corner of a bar. Even though I've generally held nothing but open disdain for the contrived, self-destructive side of old-school punk, doing something tough and sleazy seems appropriate, so I give myself a lighter burn. This involves heating up a disposable Bic for a minute or so and pressing the hot metal into skin. I jam the top of the lighter into my left bicep, instantly raising a blister in the shape of a happy face. Not wanting to be outmatched, my makeout partner hikes up her skirt and requests one as well. I burn a smiley face right on her tender inner thigh. She winces. My arm hurts. We now have matching smiley-face burn blisters. I wonder what the hell possessed me to do something so stupid, and consider throwing myself in front of a bus."

* Bob Dylan memoir to be released in the fall. The 304-page tome is due out on October 12, published by Simon and Schuster and will be followed about a week later by an updated edition of Lyrics: 1962-2001, a compendium of lyrics to nearly every Dylan song.

* DCist, a new blog from the folks at gothamist. check it out.


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