August 10, 2004

deviances anticipated triple-x or at least r-rated

* "Everyone in the world is Christ and they are all crucified." -- Sherwood Anderson

* Great chart describing all of George Bush's broken promises. excerpt:


"There are 43 million uninsured Americans, 4 million more than when the current administration took office. George W. Bush will reverse this trend by making health insurance affordable for hard-working, low-income families." [Source: Bush-Cheney 2000 website]


In the first two years Bush was in office, the number of uninsured American increased by nearly four million. Since Bush took office, health insurance premiums have risen by an average rate of 12.5 percent per year. According to a major study, "widespread adoption [of Bush's major health care plan] could drive up the annual deductible paid by workers." [Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 7/8/04; Kaiser Family Foundation, 4/04; USA Today, 4/25/04]


"George W. Bush will establish the 'Healthy Communities Innovation Fund' to provide $500 million in grants over five years to fund innovative projects addressing targeted health risks, such as childhood diabetes." [Source: Bush-Cheney 2000 website]


Bush never established this fund. [Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/20/04]

* "The first time I took it I was terrified because I really didn't know what the effects were going to be. But when I did I just couldn't believe it. Within half an hour the pain had started to fade for the first time in years. I just couldn't grasp the fact that there was something so much more effective than all the conventional medicine I had tried, yet it was not available on prescription. It didn't make any sense.

"The government seems to be blase about our fate. I cannot believe the research is taking so long and anyway I do not need any research because I know exactly what works for me. All that I and hundreds of other MS sufferers want is some compassion." -- Kate Bradley

Kate Bradley, formerly a UK undercover drug cop, who now advocates and uses medical marijuana to alleviate pain caused by MS.


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