July 13, 2004

the shivers on the spine could be what we had in mind

* Some conservatives not happy with Bush. excerpt:

"'I am bitterly disappointed in his actions with this war. It is a total travesty,' said Tom Hutchinson, 69, a self-described conservative from Sturgeon, Mo., who posted yard signs and staffed campaign phone banks for the Republican in 2000. Hutchinson said he did not believe the administration's stated rationales for the war, in particular the argument that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

"Hutchinson, a retired businessman and former college professor, said his unease with Iraq may lead him to do something he has not done since 1956: avoid the voting booth in a presidential election."

* Watch Bobby Yang perform Van Halen's Eruption, using the violin. [via Pleasant Plains].

* Craigslist: Crazy "old white guy" thrown off Red Line by two guys he was harassing.


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