July 19, 2004


Join Us For Our One Year Anniversary
*     Who would Jesus torture?  excerpt:

"What would St. Peter have to say to George Bush once he stands before the Pearly Gates of heaven on judgment day? Has he been a good Christian? Has he led a pious life according to the teachings of Jesus?

"In the world of Roy Moore, it is more important for Christians to display their faith by placing a huge granite rock with the Ten Commandments inscribed on it in a court room rather than to follow those tenets of Christianity. For the Bush family, patriotism is displayed by appearing before huge American flags and wrapping themselves in red-white-and-blue bunting even as they chip away at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Symbols trump substance any day for these Christians and patriots.

"According to childhood friends, Bush used to blow up frogs with firecrackers and shoot them with BB guns. As several therapists have pointed out, this cruelty to animals is a trait he shares with many serial killers.

"Bush was embroiled in a scandal at Yale when it was discovered that he branded pledges at his fraternity with red-hot wires.

"A drunken George W. Bush once challenged his own father to a fight, 'mano a mano.'

"Several therapists have commented about Bush's sadistic tendencies and his lack of empathy. A recent book, 'Bush on the Couch; Inside the Mind of the President,' written by the respected Justin A. Frank M.D., is one of many attempts to describe Bush's inherent cruelty. The book points out how comfortable Bush is being outside the law, whether it is his two arrests at Yale, his DUI, his apparent AWOL status in the Texas National Guard, alleged insider trading, possible perjury or his reported drug abuse."


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