July 8, 2004

My weariness amazes me, I'm branded on my feet

* Right, For the Rainforest: At the Quart Music Festival, near Oslo, a couple had sex on stage (pictures at the link) during a set by the band, the Cumshots.

"'How far are you willing to go to save the world?' asked the young man, and without much ado, the couple pulled off their clothes.

"Cumshots provided the background music as the couple had intercourse right in front of the audience. A banner was raised on stage informing the audience that the couple was having sex to save the rainforest. After completing the intercourse, the couple received applause from the audience and disappeared.
"The young couple, Tommy Hol Ellingsen, age 28, and Leona Johansson, age 21, are members of the environmental organization 'Fuck for Forest.' They have sex in public in order to put focus on the rainforest."

* Ron Rosenbaum, in the New York Observer, wonders whether Bob Dylan wrote "Up to Me" about Richard Farina.

"And why won’t Dylan do it? Here’s where my Wild Conjecture comes in. What if "Up to Me" had something to do with the tragic death of his friend and rival, Richard Fariña? Many of you may be familiar with the Dylan/Fariña relationship from David Hajdu’s lovely study, Positively 4th Street. A book about the exhilarating period in the 60’s when Dylan was seeing Joan Baez, while Joan’s sister Mimi Baez married the musician and novelist Richard Fariña. A tale which makes Fariña something like a Marlowe figure to Dylan’s Shakespeare—the wild, doomed genius that Dylan was both inspired by and threatened by. (I’m comparing the relationships—not saying that Dylan is an equal of Shakespeare.) Hajdu’s story, you’ll recall, comes to a close when Fariña dies young in a motorcycle accident just two months before Dylan survives his notorious, life-changing motorcycle-accident brush with death. Survivor guilt, envy that Fariña made the bolder (if less successful) challenge to death—who knows what mixture of emotions such a fate might have evoked. 'If we never meet again,' he begins the last verse of 'Up to Me.' He knew they never would."

* The Black Table reports: It's a Good Thing: Turn Offs that Turn the Ladies On.


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