July 22, 2004

Martini's on the house, you might even meet Mick Ronson


Iris Dement -- Big City
Bobby Bare -- Marie Laveau
Bobby Bare Jr. -- Let's Rock and Roll
J.J. Cale -- City Girls
Webb Pierce -- There Stands the Glass
Tom Heinle -- I Love
Pink Nasty -- May It Always Be
Bob Dylan -- Up to Me
Richard Hell -- Down At the Rock and Roll Club
Modern Lovers -- Walk Up the Street
Hefner -- To Hide a Little Thought
Holly Golightly -- Time Will Tell
Devo -- I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Firehose -- Revolution (part two)
Swell Maps -- International Rescue
REM -- Camera
Sonic Youth -- Pacific Coast Highway
MIssion of Burma -- The Set Up
Built to Spill -- Untrustable
Big Star -- Femme Fatal
Henry Flynt -- Uncle Sam Do
Sparklehorse -- Dead Opera Star
Paper Lace -- The Night Chicago Died
John Vanderslice -- They Won't Let Me Run
Dead Milkmen -- Filet of Sole
Belle & Sebastian -- A Century of Fakers
Sarah Azzara -- Dupont Circle
Yo La Tengo -- Tom Courteney
Continuous Peasant -- Finger Pointing Song
The Wrens -- Hopeless
GBV -- Jumpstart
Pavement -- Grave Architecture
John Cale -- Dirty Ass Rock and Roll
Pretenders -- Stop Your Sobbing
Talia Zedeck -- Candy Says
The Fugs -- Kill For Peace


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