July 7, 2004

just cause i'm fakin doesn't mean i'm wrong

* Wasington Post discusses the upcoming documentary of Charles Bukowski. excerpt:

"Bukowski wrote about men and women as beaten down as a crunched beer can, about endurance, rage, longing, sex and, mostly, about himself. He was a bestseller in Brazil; his poetry is taught to high school students in France; in the United States, in his day, he was a symbol of rebellion, but is probably best known for the 1987 film 'Barfly,' where he was portrayed by Mickey Rourke (alongside Faye Dunaway), the screenplay written by Bukowski himself for a movie he didn't really like very much.

"Today, Bukowski remains a cult favorite, though the critics aren't exactly sure whether to consider him a modern Walt Whitman or a minor misogynistic poet in the post-Beat tradition."
"He was back in Los Angeles in 1955 when a stomach ulcer exploded and he was rushed, bleeding from both ends, to the L.A. county hospital, where a physician told him one more drink and you're dead. In the film, a much older Bukowski lifts a glass of red to the camera and smiles, saying doctors aren't always right. The scene is not heroic, but sad, in the way drunks are sad."
"'What appeals,' [filmmaker] Dullaghan observes, 'is the anger, his familiarity with the dark nights, and he was not afraid to go to those places.'"

* Can Baseball survive? excerpt:

"Baseball. It’s more quintessentially American than Mom, apple pie, or selling cutting-edge weapons to corrupt dictators (oops!). No other sport has the same rich history, the same American never-say-die spirit, or the same unexplainable mystique that has inspired hundreds of books and movies.

"But our national pastime is in serious trouble. In a world where nightly news reports detail rampant corporate greed, stock market cheating, and sweetheart Halliburton deals reeking of institutionalized corruption, baseball’s been getting its own black eye. Could it be that the greatest game on Earth is beginning to symbolize all that is wrong with the greatest nation on Earth?

"These days it sounds like every player is hopped up on steroids, the commissioner’s office looks sleazier than Michael Jackson driving an ice cream truck, and don’t even get us started on the Damn Yankees and their new quarter-billion-dollar man. Despite the most exciting postseason ever, fans are still staying away in droves. The 2004 season opens with the sport itself at the plate with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, down by a run, with no rally monkey in sight."
"Q&A with Jason Giambi:

Q: If you could endorse any product, what would you choose?
A:Jack Daniel’s would save me a ton of money.

Q:The Yanks pay you $17 million a year, more than A-Rod. Are you one of the greedy players fans complain about?
A:That makes me laugh: greedy players. If fans saw what the fucking owners make, they’d say, '[The players] don’t make fucking anything!' It’s like Kevin Costner making $20 million a film. I work harder than he does.

Q:But some owners claim they’re broke.
A:I think that’s a crock of shit. If you put a good product on the field, people will come to watch. That’s the bottom line.

Q:Speaking of crocks, how do you get along with George Steinbrenner?
A:Great! He knew I was fucked up when he signed me. He knew I rode bikes. I said, 'I’m not going to stop, Boss.' And he said, 'You’re a fucking idiot! Don’t get hurt.' I bought my first bike from Ron Simms in Oakland, and I wound up living in the guy’s house.

Q:What’s your favorite road city?
A:I like Boston. Boston hates us, we hate them, and that’s fucking great. That’s what baseball is all about.

Q:Have you ever charged the mound?
A:No—I wouldn’t fucking make it. I’d rather wait until after the game and beat the fuck out of him when he has no idea it’s coming."

* The Caribbean go West. You can catch them at the following clubs:

Thursday, July 8th: Jasmine Tree, Portland, OR;
Friday, July 9th: Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA;
Monday, July 12th: Thee Parkside, San Francisco, CA; and
Thursday, July 15th: Fold @ Tangiers, Los Angeles, CA

Or on radio shows at the following stations:

Tuesday, July 13th: KDVS (University of California-Davis), 9pm performance (for rebroadcast)
Wednesday, July 14th: KZSU (Stanford Univ.), noon performance and interview.

The Caribbean are slated for DC, Baltimore, Boston, and Norfolk, Virgina shows following the west coast tour. For these dates, see the website.


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