June 14, 2004

Looking for another chance for someone else to be

* Smart bombs are worthless is intelligence is bad. excerpt:

"The American military launched some 50 air strikes designed to kill specific targets during the Iraq war, it emerged yesterday, but none of them found its mark. Instead the air strikes had a high civilian toll, according to military officials serving at the time.

"Until now only a few of the air strikes, such as the use of four 2,000lb 'bunker-buster' bombs in an attempt to kill Saddam Hussein at a farm in Masur on March 19, had been made public."
"Marc Garlasco, a former intelligence official during the war who now works for Human Rights Watch, described the campaign as an 'abject failure.'

"'We failed to kill the HVTs (high value targets) and instead killed civilians and engendered hatred and discontent in some of the population,' he told the New York Times."

* 26 Former U.S. officials oppose Bush.

"'We agreed that we had just lost confidence in the ability of the Bush administration to advocate for American interests or to provide the kind of leadership that we think is essential,' said William C. Harrop, the first President Bush's ambassador to Israel, and earlier to four African countries."

* Discourse.net on the August 1, 2002 OLC torture memo.


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