June 16, 2004

gasoline horses will take us away

* Bush Sr. calls the Iraq war George Jr's "read-my-lips donnybrook." excerpt:

"The President’s father, George H.W. Bush – 41st President of the United States – disagrees with his son’s decisions in the invasion and occupation of Iraq, which is why the former President has not commented in public on the war.

“'The President and I discuss the war privately,' the elder Bush said in an interview earlier this year. 'That is the way it will remain.'

"But sources close to the Bush family say the elder Bush thinks his son has mishandled the war in Iraq."
"In addition, the former President has told his son that he 'messed up big time' in trying to tie Saddam Hussein to the 9/11 attacks against the United States. The elder Bush points out that a State Department assessment released after the September 11 attacks lists 45 countries (including the United States) where al-Qaeda operated and notes that Iraq was not one of those countries."

Regardless of the truth, Dick Cheney is still telling people that "Saddam Hussein had 'long-established ties' with al-Qaida, an assertion that repeatedly has been challenged by some policy experts and member of Congress."

"'He was a patron of terrorism,' Cheney said of Hussein during a speech before The James Madison Institute, a conservative think-tank based in Florida. "He had long established ties with al-Qaida."

* Enron gouged Western customers for at least $1.1 Billion. excerpt:

"The records were uncovered by the same utility that last month released details of profanity-laced conversations in which Enron traders gleefully gloat about ripping off 'those poor grandmothers' in California during the power crisis.

"'Beyond a reasonable doubt now,' says Snohomish P.U.D. General Counsel Mike Gianunzio, 'we've got proof that Enron manipulated the Western markets and stole a billion dollars or more out of California and the Northwest.'"

* Poet and punk, George Tabb is reading from his new book of poetry at Staccato Lounge, 2006 S. 18th St. NW, WDC, June 17th - 9:00 pm. For those who don't know, Tabb a famous and at times infamous punk rocker, has been writing a first-person column for Maximum Rock n' Roll and The New York Press. Lead singer of the band Furious George and viewed by many as the David Sedaris of punk. Born in Brooklyn, mostly raised in Greenwich, Connecticut.

While attending the University of Florida, Tabb started one of Florida’s first hardcore bands, Roach Motel, who went on to tour with Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys. After departing college rather hastily, Tabb moved to New York where he continued to build his name as a punk rock icon, with bands like False Prophets, Letch Patrol, The Gynecologists, Iron Prostate and Furious George. He also served in The Ramones for a short time. Tabb still plays, writes and tours, not necessarily in that order. His new book, Playing right Field, A Jew Grows in Greenwich, is available from Soft Skull Press.


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