June 22, 2004

And he came by the way that he walked

* Will Oldham goes to Japan.

Will describes days 2 and 3 in Tokyo:

"Arrive in Tokyo at 4 p.m., tired but stoked. Our hotel is called the Hotel Excellent, and it is. They've got the sweeet heated Japanese toilets that shoot warm jets of water deep into our rectums. The next morning, the old-folks vibe at World of Coffee provides a quiet place for us to enjoy coffee and pervy mags. We walk to the Airs Video shop in the Shinjuku neighborhood and watch a cool Roy Harper and Jimmy Page mountain jam session on video. On the hour-long trip to Yokohama for the show, the drive is all cityscape. Tokyo is endless. Once there, we find the ThumbsUp Club, a gritty "roadhouse" bar located on the third floor of a mall. If T.G.I. Friday's was obsessed with Neil Young and had an unlimited budget for decor, it might look something like the ThumbsUp, which is to say, awesome. A Japanese cowgirl named A Place Called Space opens for us. The Bonny Band spills blood at the show, and the crowd is happy. We are all drunk, thanks to well-crafted, XXL-sized pitchers of beer. Later that evening the Sweeneys stay up and go to the classy Favera bar to meet the great Charlie Brown, the karaoke master (and the man behind Dune magazine) who was exploited in Lost in Translation."

* As I Lay Lying: TMFTML provides excerpts from the Clinton bio.

* Article titled: Drug War 'Ark of the Covenant' is Empty, concludes:

"Fear runs the drug war. True ignorance or superstition are rarely a part of the equation in this day and age. Fear of job loss, of societal demonization, fear of losing votes in an election all stand in the way of truth, progress and freedom. The councilmen, mayor and district attorney all showed their fear, by falling back to faux superstition, feigned ignorance or the silence of the lambs as their defense.

"When the call for change first occurs for marijuana policy, for overall drug reform, it's not likely to come from the mouths of the councilmen, mayor, district attorney or police chief. The call must come from those citizens brave enough to recognize and put forth that "the emperor has no clothes." There is nobody in a position of authority who can defend this abominable drug war.

"It is our job to drive these drug warriors down to the river of reform for baptism. Forcibly, if need be.

"When do we stop putting our children behind bars for little baggies? It's your decision."


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