May 17, 2004

Words wont tell me what your bodys all about

* From the May 2004 Harper's Magazine Index:

-- Chance that a Western European has a positive opinion on George W. Bush: 1 in 10

-- Estimated percentage of women in Pakistani prisons whose crime was fornication: 80

-- Ratio of the average number of television sets to the number of children per U.S. household: 7:2

-- Number of countries given weapons-grade uranium since the 1950s under the U.S. Atoms for Peace program: 51

* Ten questions for Rodney Dangerfield. excerpt:

Q: "You’re 82 years old and married to a much younger woman. How’s your sex life?

A: "I tell you, my sex life today is the same as when I was a kid in my 20s. I never got anything then either.

Q: "Your new autobiography delves into your extreme fondness for marijuana. Do you still smoke pot?

A: "Once in a while, yeah. It still relaxes me. You get a different head because of your age, but not because of the pot. Marijuana should definitely be legal. Booze is a hundred times worse. Marijuana makes you passive—the last thing you want to do when you’re high is have a fight.

Q: "Back in the day, you knew Lenny Bruce and today you occasionally appear on Howard Stern’s show. Do you think there’s such a thing as crossing the line in comedy?

A: "I guess you can do that if you do an insulting ethnic joke or something like that. I work blue, very blue, you know. But I’m also working in Vegas for an all-adult audience. Sometimes I see parents walking out of the show with their kids who are, like, 10 years old.

* BBC Arts: A history of books.


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