May 24, 2004

vicarious pleasure in my brain fantasic life never the same

Three Poems by Thurston Moore


the fellowship of buried lives
walks by the window of the
laundromat on 13th and A
i'm hanging out with old puerto
rican women sitting on the
bench staring at the spinning
wash like staring at the tv
eating a candy bar, drinking coffee, smoking cigs.
a tall freak fantastic is pulling out frayed black frill
from the drier
what can/did/do i do - 19, new in town
i don't do nothing

please, don't ever leaf me

sonic youth is playing
a tiny club in new orleans
with unwound and polvo and
the place is a pressure cooker ready to blow. a girl in
the audience scales the club wall
and stands
on a lighting rig
beam. we have to
stop playing and try to coax
her down. kim asks her why she is up there.
she explains she can't see and for $30
she wants to see. we tell her
that tickets
are only $15 and she confesses
she had to buy one
for her boyfriend. kim sez,
"that was yr first mistake."


on the sun meat
puppets psycho
candy the jesus
& mary chain vu
velvet underground the nation's saving grace
the f
all 1/2 mensch
einsturzende neubauten worldbroken saccharine
trust the process of weeding out black
flag 3 way
tie for last minutemen loose
nut black
flag snake
boy kill
dozer plays for lovers beef
eater racer
x big black cream
corn from the socket of davis butt
hole surfers the first born
is dead nick cave & the bad seeds chronic dis


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