May 27, 2004

these boys are not ironic, they are real

* Last night at Austin's Parrish Black Nasty rocked the house, cracking up both his backing band and most of the crowd, who listened to his tales of incest, animal fucking, and facials with joy (Its been a long time since I've seen so many smiling faces at a show). Pink Nasty (who has an outstanding voice) opened the set -- which contained enough ass-fucking references to be a wonkette favorite -- with the national anthem, and from then on, the crowd paid rapt attention and hung on every word out of Black Nasty's mouth.

If you are in Texas and can get to one of the remaining shows on this tour, go go go. If you can't, get to the website, listen to the clips, and BUY BUY BUY his album. Your friends will be glad you did.

Later, Bonnie Prince Billy brought his songs of incest and mountain fucking to a packed house via a band which included five guitars (Matt Sweeney, an Oldham brother and Pink Nasty among them, the band also had Bonnie regular Peter Townsend on drums). They played some palace classics, a few new songs (from, I was told, a Bonnie and Matt Sweeney project that is in the mastering stage), as well as rousing renditions of "I See a Darkness," and "Ease on Down the Road." Great show, best part is I get to do it all over again tonight.

* Anyone surprised at this?

"A 53-year-old man sued the estate of Dr. Robert C. Atkins and the company that promotes his diet yesterday. The suit says following the Atkins diet for two years raised the man's cholesterol so much that his arteries became clogged and required a medical procedure to open them.

"The suit is apparently the first to involve the diet, the most prominent and controversial low-carbohydrate regimen and the one most associated with assertions that followers could eat all the red meat and saturated fat they wanted and still lose weight.

"The plaintiff, Jody Gorran, who is being assisted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, an advocacy group that supports a vegan diet, is seeking $28,000 in damages. Mr. Gorran said he was using the suit to tell other people about the dangers of the diet and to have its promoters include warnings in books, other products and Web sites.

* Italian town makes fucking in cars safer:

"The Italian village famed as the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci has just notched up another invention: the world's first official love carpark.

"Vinci council has set aside 172 parking spaces for lovers to use at night without having to fear arrest for indecent behaviour - or attacks by serial killers.

"A sports stadium carpark by day transforms into a drive-in for lovers by night, with soft lighting and rubbish bins by each window.

"Mayor Giancarlo Faenzi claimed 90 per cent of local residents had made love in a car at least once.

"Car sex is common in Italy, where most children live with their parents until they marry, often well into their 30s.

"But a serial killer known as The Monster terrorised Tuscans during the 80s and 90s, attacking couples in their cars and cutting out their genitals."


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