May 20, 2004

Potluck Setlist

Happy Birthday -- The Birthday Party
Empty Glass -- Pete Townsend
Standards -- The Jam
Firecracker -- Half-Japanese
Getting Older -- The Clean
Max Earnst -- Mission of Burma
Thank You For Sending Me An Angel -- Luna
Smashing Times -- Television Personalities
Rain -- The Clientele
Qui Est in Qui Est out -- Serge Gainsbourg
Saved -- Momus
Go Down, Congress -- The Fugs
Dig Down -- Bobby Bare Jr.
No Tan Lines -- Pavement
Bury Me With It -- Modest Mouse
Kennedy -- Wedding Present
Me & Bean -- Spoon
So Sad About Us -- The Who
Johnny Thunder -- Kinks
Pop Loser -- Velocity Girl
Sally Was a Legend -- Robyn Hitchcock
Faster Guns -- The Wrens
King of Carrot Flowers Parts 2 & 3 -- Neutral Milk Hotel
Advice to a Graduate -- Silver Jews
Nothing Adventurous Please -- Lambchop
The Sunset and Electric Bill -- Lullaby for the Working Class
Perfect Depth -- The Tyde


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