May 12, 2004

The best lack all convictions, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.

* Marianne Faithfull on William Burroughs. [via bookslut]

* Why you should not put your picture on the Internet.

* Tony Blair watches Robert Altman smoke pot at a party. [via travelers diagram.]

"Hollywood maverick Robert Altman said he sparked up the after-dinner spliff in the PM's presence during a party given by Dave Stewart.

"Instead of fleeing from the room, the PM calmly continued to enjoy the meal.

"But Mr Blair did not partake and certainly did not inhale, Mr Altman said. Number 10 has refused to comment.

"'We were sitting there smoking grass. He was sitting across from me, so I thought he was pretty cool,' Mr Altman said.

"But now, Mr Altman says, he mistook that 'cool' for openness when it was in fact a 'pose.'

"The director of the acclaimed film Short Cuts said he had since been very disappointed by the prime minister's relationship with President George Bush."


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