April 22, 2004

Potluck Setlist

Gloria -- Patti Smith
Life Stinks -- Rocket From the Tombs
Container Drivers -- The Fall
My Human Gets Me Blues -- Captain Beefheart
Wicked Annabella -- The Kinks
Blank Frank -- Brian Eno
Lucifer Sam -- Pink Floyd
Warm Heart Pastry -- Mike Heron
Gimi A Little Break -- Love
That's When I Reach for My Revolver -- Mission of Burma
The Modern World -- The Jam
Mars Bars -- The Undertones
Everybody's Got Nice Stuff But Me -- Dead Milkmen
What's Yr Take on Cassavettes -- LeTigre
My British Tour Diary -- Of Montreal
Something for the Weekend -- Super Furry Animals
Fireplace -- Olivia Tremor Control
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere -- Neil Young
Made Up Dreams -- Built to Spill
Silver Morning After -- Beechwood Sparks
Detriot Has a Skyline Too -- Superchunk
Neon Golden -- The Notwist
Plastic Mylar -- Spoon
The Monk at the Disco -- Bobby Bare Jr.
The Bay Shallows -- EZ-T
Jordache -- Black Nasty
Hewlett's Daughter -- Granddaddy
He War -- Cat Power
Gold Soundz -- Pavement
Jane of the Waking Universe -- GBV
I'm So Free -- Lou Reed
Lies -- The Rolling Stones
Song -- Smog
Dallas -- Silver Jews
I Don't Mind -- The Ropers
Last Caress -- Papa M


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