April 29, 2004


NewsBlues.com is reporting [no free link] that Sinclair Broadcast Group has ordered its ABC-affiliated stations not to carry tomorrow's "Nightline," which will air the names and photos of soldiers who have been killed in combat in Iraq.

Sinclair General Counsel Barry Faber tells the site: "We find it to be contrary to the public interest."

Atrios says: Contact the Sinclair Broadcast Group at 410-568-1500 and ask them why they refuse to acknowledge those who have served this country honorably.

Here is more on the Sinclair Broadcast Group.

And this guy summmarized the feelings of many when he wrote (in the FreakGirl comments section):

"Isn't it disgusting that [Bush and Cheney] get to testify in private, off the record and not under oath when it involves 3000 dead Americans, but it goes on live TV when it's about a blowjob? What the fuck is wrong with our country? Why are people not out in the streets of DC demanding accountability from these criminals?"


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