April 14, 2004

Lies and Betrayal/George Bush has failed/Impeachment is a must

* A shocking report from a medic on the goings on in Falluja concludes:

"And then we're in Baghdad, delivering them to the hospitals, Nuha in tears as they take the burnt man off groaning and whimpering. She puts her arms around me and asks me to be her friend. I make her feel less isolated, she says, less alone.

"And the satellite news says the cease-fire is holding and George Bush says to the troops on Easter Sunday that, 'I know what we're doing in Iraq is right.' Shooting unarmed men in the back outside their family home is right. Shooting grandmothers with white flags is right? Shooting at women and children who are fleeing their homes is right? Firing at ambulances is right?

"Well George, I know too now. I know what it looks like when you brutalise people so much that they've nothing left to lose. I know what it looks like when an operation is being done without anaesthetic because the hospitals are destroyed or under sniper fire and the city's under siege and aid isn't getting in properly. I know what it sounds like too. I know what it looks like when tracer bullets are passing your head, even though you're in an ambulance. I know what it looks like when a man's chest is no longer inside him and what it smells like and I know what it looks like when his wife and children pour out of his house.

"It's a crime and it's a disgrace to us all."

* Bush's performance last night was an embarrassment to democracy as well as our country. [But all was not lost as Mark E. Smith saved my evening with rock and roll.]


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