April 21, 2004

Antidote for Popculturemania
- from America: A History in Verse, Part 2, By Ed Sanders

Clement Greenberg's essay
"Avant-garde and Kitsch"
came out in the Partisan Review that fall [1939]

in which he almost chants his disrespect for
Kitsch "the epitome of all that is spurious
in the life of our times"

Kitsch which "changes according to style but
remains all the same"

Kitsch which "lies to the minds of artists"
so that they will bend under Kitsch's
profit-batty pressure

(not to mention Stalin's official Kitsch
which ate the soul of mad Odessa's paintbrush)

Go read it.
Greenberg's essay can be read here.

* POTLUCK tonight. The fun begins at 9.


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