March 18, 2004

words you don't understand are all makin' sense tonight

* Rep. Henry Waxman creates Iraq on the Record, the Bush Administrations Public Statements on Iraq. [via lendmesomesugar]

"This database identifies 237 specific misleading statements about the threat posed by Iraq made by these five officials in 125 public appearances in the time leading up to and after the commencement of hostilities in Iraq. The search options on the left can be used to find statements by any combination of speaker, subject, keyword, or date."

* Terrorists for Bush:

A statement said the group "supported President Bush in his reelection campaign, and would prefer him to win in November rather than the Democratic candidate John Kerry, as it was not possible to find a leader "more foolish than you (Bush), who deals with matters by force rather than with wisdom.

"In comments addressed to Bush, the group said:

"Kerry will kill our nation while it sleeps because he and the Democrats have the cunning to embellish blasphemy and present it to the Arab and Muslim nation as civilization. Because of this we desire you (Bush) to be elected."

* Il Cavallo Cattivo has three excellent, though not particularly safe for work, pictures of Charles Bukowski.


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