March 30, 2004

will my pony recognize my voice in hell

* Jack MacAndrew: The trust between elected and electorate is violated with deceit. an excerpt:

"The revelations of this trusted senior bureaucrat in three government administrations are a major bombshell in themselves, coming as they do as President Bush begins mounting a re-election campaign based on his record as a fearless and peerless leader who has made America safe.

"So quite expectedly, the Bush people have launched an offensive in which they accuse Clarke of being in the camp of Senator John Kerry, the adversary for the President's office.

"Said Clarke during the 60 Minutes interview: 'Yes, I expect they'll launch their dogs on me.'

"But Richard Clarke's revelations are neither political nor self serving. They have the ring of truth about them, and they are verifiable by a long list of people present at the time, who can be called, as Clarke has been called to testify before an independent commission investigating the events surrounding the attacks of September 11.

"And if Bill Clinton could be summoned to impeachment for his casual sexual dalliance with a consenting female intern, what then can be said about a President who willingly practiced the deceit that led his nation into an expensive and unnecessary war responsible for the sacrifice of tens of thousands of lives, and even thousands more lives ruined forever by the trauma of war?

"What does this say about the values of a political party, a government and a nation that could excuse such deceit at the very core of its professed democratic ideals?

"Does it not occur to people that a professed rationale for the Iraq war as a way to bring democracy to the Islamic world, crumbles to dust when the very precepts of democratic government — the trust between elected and the electorate — are knowingly and willingly violated with deceit? "

* DC band the caribbean unveils their new lineup for the hometown crowd tomorrow night at 9 at the Warehouse Nextdoor (1017 7th Street NW).

* Condi Rice to testify in front of 9/11 Commission. I'm rooting for Jaime Gorelick to ask some difficult and complicated questions. I want Condi to leave with this look on her face:


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