March 29, 2004

There are brighter things than diamonds Coming down the line

* Richard Solomon says that Clarke's testimony has done serious damage to the public relations "scam" the White House has been running for two years. an excerpt:

"Whether the Bush campaign can regain control of 9/11 as a political football remains to be seen. We should never forget that real people died on that day, and real people are still dying in Iraq because of depraved political games in Washington.

"People in positions of enormous power are never more dangerous than when they see their power seriously threatened. The counterattacks on Clarke have only just begun. And during the next several months, the Bush-Cheney-Rove administration is sure to reach into its very large bag of media tricks. Whether the trickery is successful will largely depend on whether journalists do their civic duty or kowtow to the White House."

* Karl Rove ain't got no soul.

* Japan Times on will oldham. [via timothompson]

"Nevers assembled a crack band of Nashville veterans, including the legendary blind pianist Hargus "Pig" Robbins, bluegrass fiddler Stuart Duncan and drummer Eddie Bayers. 'They're all these great studio musicians who never get a chance to play together anymore,' Oldham says. 'They have to play on modern country shit that they're not happy playing on. I mean, they're happy that they have work, but it isn't fun. So Mark thought it would be awesome, because he'd never gotten to work with all these musicians in one session. I said, 'Let's do it.'

"Musically, the songs are a perfect fit. Oldham's melodies are already loitering somewhere in the country neighborhood. Set against the sometimes rollicking Grand Ol' Opry arrangements, his voice sounds smokier, more seasoned. What's missing sometimes are the emotional subtleties that made the original Palace songs so striking and disturbing. 'You Will Miss Me When I Burn,' a true downer ('When you have no one/no one can hurt you'), has been filled out with lilting pedal steel, weeping fiddle and complementary female vocal, changing the emotional tack of the song from despair to longing."


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