March 18, 2004

Potluck Setlist

Mirrors -- Hands in My Pockets
Rockets from the Tombs -- Amphetamine
Pere Ubu -- The Modern Dance
VU -- Thats the Story of My Life
The Undertones -- Teenage Kicks
The Jam -- The Modern World
Dangermouse -- What More Could I Say
Black Tambourine -- Throw Aggi From the Bridge
Ghost -- Hazy Paradise
Deerhoof -- Dummy Discards a Heart
Bill Fox -- Let's Be Buried Together
GBV -- Hot Freaks
Julian Cope -- Out of My Mind on Dope and Speed
Weird War -- Store Bought Pot
Patti Smith -- My Generation
Pavement -- The Classical
Superchunk -- Basement Life
Yo La Tengo -- Big Day Coming
Mark Bolan -- Thunder Wing
Oneida -- Sinister Purpose
Galaxie 500 -- Flowers
Apples in Stereo -- Seems So
Belle & Sebastian -- Legal Man
Zombies -- Tell Her No
Royal Trux -- Delta 70 of Hearts
Blond Redhead --Without Feathers
Metal Urbain -- Ghetto
Television Personalities -- Favorite Films
Greg Ashley -- Apple Pie and Genocide
Smog -- Butterflies Drowned in Wine
Silver Jews -- Self-Ignition
Neil Young -- Walk On
Rolling Stones -- Before You Make Me Run
Circulatory System -- Yesterdays World
Slumber Party -- Behave
Fugs -- Supergirl
Wrens -- Faster Gun
Cornelius -- Thank You For the Music


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