March 17, 2004

My friend has my favorite teeth they bend backwards when she breathes and whistles

* "Justice? You get justice in the next world; in this world you have the law." -- William Gaddis

* The article, The Sins of the Bush Administration ends:

"So, has this administration sinned? Let's see... it has broken all of the commandments that an administration can break (excluding the six that don't apply to an administration) and violated each of the seven deadly sins. Obviously there's some work to be done on the most basic issues before it goes after minor things like gay marriage or stem cells.

"Perhaps before the administration speaks so rightously about how others should behave, it should take a good look, as its god might do, on how it behaves. If it truly looked at its worshipped commandments and prohibitions, it might find, as we all do, that there's a sinner in all of us. In some ways, this administration is the biggest sinner of all. "

* Onward Christian Soldiers. [via skimble]

"No one likes to see people murdered in cold blood. But the very presence of fundamentalist missionaries in Iraq (as part of the official relief effort, no less) is a cultural and political abomination, as well as a classic example of just how seriously the Bush admnistration takes the struggle against terrorism -- which is to say, not very seriously at all."


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