March 1, 2004

I’m nowhere near where I dreamed I’d be

* Stylus Magazine interviews the wrens.


Stylus: What’s it like, waking up this morning, finding out that Pitchfork Media called The Meadowlands the best album of the year, and then going off to work, like it‘s a normal day?

C: We received a letter that said the review was gonna run today, and the rumor was that we were getting a pretty high rating. So I was pretty nervous going into the office today. We don’t have a computer at home, so we actually didn’t know until we got into work. Each of us found out separately.

K: It was awesome. A friend wrote in saying “Hey, congratulations!” so I went to the site, and it just blew my mind, and made my entire day.

* Jennifer Howard, guestblogging at Bookslut discusses David Markson's new novel, Vanishing Point. If you like experimental fiction, you should familarize yourself with Markson.

* Democratic Underground's Top 10 Conservative Idiots (Oscar version):

"Best Actor in the Role of the President: Republicans are no strangers to waging culture wars when their election campaigns are stalling. When George H.W. Bush was trailing Michael Dukakis in 1988, up popped the infamous Willie Horton ad. When Bush Jr. was trailing John McCain in 2000, he took a trip to Bob Jones University to fire up the base. And now Dubya's at it again, announcing last week that he is backing a Constitutional amendment which will officially declare gays and lesbians second-class citizens. Bush has pussyfooted around the issue recently, declaring the subject of gay marriage "troubling," but it wasn't until polls showed him losing by double digits to both John Kerry and John Edwards that he decided the time was right to go all guns blazing at the most important issue America faces today - homosexuality. Yup, never mind the enormous budget deficit. Forget the millions of Americans who don't have health care. Jobs? The 9/11 Commission? Iraq? Afghanistan? All minor issues when compared to the shadowy, terrifying threat that is, uh, allowing two people of the same sex to officially declare their love for one another and have their lifelong monogamous relationship legally recognized. So I guess it's time to add the first amendment to the Constitution since Prohibition that will actually restrict personal freedom. And everyone knows what a smashing success Prohibition was."


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