March 29, 2004

I was hoping for replacement when the sun burst thru the sky

* Last weeks top ten conservative idiots.

* Neil Young weighs in Bush and other issues:

says Neil:

"The war with Iraq and the occupation were obviously done for oil and revenge. Those are the American motives, controlling the flow of oil, which is now miraculously stronger than it was before the invasion. Yet they destroyed the museums, lost all the art and had no plans for protecting the culture."


"Why is it that Martha Stewart is getting more headlines for a $200,000 infraction than (Vice-President Dick Cheney's former company, U.S. military supplier) Halliburton for a $61-million infraction against the American people? Stewart's crime wasn't against the American people, it was just a company she was trading. It wasn't like she was trading in somebody's future or taking away someone's Social Security. But the media's obviously controlled."

While Young thinks America is "slipping into darkness," he's encouraged by the record voter turnouts in the Democratic primaries.

"It doesn't matter who the hell they vote for as long as they vote Democratic. So there will be change as long as there's a fair election."

and on albums v. cd's:

"CDs don't do it. The information isn't there, and there isn't enough variety in the information that's carrying the music. It doesn't have the depth of the media we were using before digital. While the master was the best and everything else a copy, in digital the master is clonable but doesn't have nearly the depth of the master I used to make before the 80s.

"The pure joy of making records and listening to what you created was lost in 1982. These two things wore me down: not being able to get on the radio, and having the records not sound as good as they did before, when I started making records."

Back then "I had the joy of mixing and listening to it and taking it home and listening to it again. Smoke a J and sit there and listen to it maybe 10, 15 times in a row, just feeling it. People don't do that any more because digital doesn't allow that to happen. You can go for content instead of going for transcendence and a kind of washing of the soul; you've got to go for intellectual content, and digital allows that through.

* Democracy in Iraq. Ha!


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