February 12, 2004

what a curious life we have found here tonight

* grammar police points out this article, which begins:

"George W. Bush left his Texas Air National Guard assignment and moved to Alabama in 1972 even though the Air Force denied his request for a transfer, according to his military records.

"In fact, Bush did not even ask for an official transfer until nine days after he moved to Alabama in May 1972.

"The Air Force quickly rejected Bush's request, saying the fighter pilot was 'ineligible' to move to the Alabama unit Bush wanted - a squadron of postal handlers.

"Nevertheless, Bush stayed in Alabama until his Texas commanders finally gave him written authorization five months later to train there."

* Rumsfeld is eager to turn Iraq over to the State Department and wash his hands of Iraq mess he helped create.

* Skimble continues to monitor the activities of Neil Bush, concluding that "Neil, with his whoring, conniving crony capitalism, represents in many ways a more forthright version of the entire Bush family in microcosm."


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