February 20, 2004

We are with you in your anger

* So much for courting NASCAR dads. A scene from Daytona:

"So perhaps it's not suprising that an impromptu anti-Bush rally brewed, lacking only the picket signs. Doug Shelby was denouncing Bush's policies -- and drawing agreement from the crowd. "We're $500 billion in debt and it's only getting worse!" he shouted.

"Overhead, Lee Greenwood sang "God Bless the USA." The crowd started chanting obscenities.

"After LeAnn Rimes sang the national anthem, the crowd above the grandstands started cheering; those below booed.

"Then Bush's motorcade drove by. One middle finger went up in the crowd, then another, and soon they were everywhere.

As the crowd scattered to their seats, one of the few black fans I spotted at the racetrack ran by and saw me scribbling in my notepad. 'Writing for a newspaper?' she asked. Before I could respond, she shouted, 'Tell them Bush sucks!' Then she disappeared back into the fray."


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