February 19, 2004

saint of barges / queen of nails

* And you've always thought your mom was crazy...[takes a few seconds to load but well worth the wait]

* What's with Donald Rumsfeld and his hands?

* Playlouder interviews cornelius. [via tim thompson]

"This insane workload indicates one thing: Cornelius is very, very highly regarded. His last album, 2002's Point, got rave reviews just about everywhere. A carefully crafted record, it escaped the claustrophobic scattergun approach of 1998's Fantasma while remaining just as layered, filling lucky earphones with gorgeous soundscapes, lush vocals and tight samples.

"These samples were the primordial ooze that spawned "PM", and the results are mostly Laptop Of The Pops. A good deal of the tracks take Point's soundscape approach and juice it, some trickling out a moody moan and others, a pumping dance-around. A clear standout, however, is by Animal Family feat MC Cat Genius, which starts off with some frankly horrible noises that slowly turn into Sabbath riffs recreated from samples. Then a weary sigh, and an American bloke says that he'll never finish his remix in time and he's gonna give up. In steps Cat Genius, a miaow-talking hip hop cat, to create a discount-Anticon flavour about his spiky cat cock."


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