February 2, 2004

making mistakes nobody sees

* The Center for American Progress examines Halliburton's history of overcharging the goverment, among other things. an excerpt:

"Vice President Dick Cheney, the former CEO of Halliburton, yesterday chastised those 'who intimidate opposition, tolerate and profit from corruption and maintain ties to terrorist groups.' But VP Cheney appears to have amassed a business record that embodies all he is criticizing. According to two new reports, while Cheney was CEO of Halliburton, the company deliberately skirted U.S. law to do business with state sponsors of terrorism, while spending millions to bribe a dictatorial regime in Nigeria. While Cheney's office continues to refuse comment on the matters, the reports are raising new questions about what CEO Cheney knew, and why such behavior was allowed to go on under his direct leadership. While VP Cheney has responded to these criticisms by saying Halliburton has been 'unfairly maligned' by 'desperate' political opponents, no one has yet disputed the facts. And for an Administration that has declared it will 'actively investigate, arrest and prosecute corporate wrongdoers,' the question in Cheney's case is simple: Will the White House live up to its pledge?"

* Wales exports Super Furry Animals are currently touring the States. an excerpt:

"'We love writing in Welsh, ourselves, because there's been less rock 'n' roll written in the Welsh language,' says Rhys, who, like the rest of the Furry Animals, has been bilingual since he grew up watching 'Sesame Street' broadcasts in English. 'What's very useful in having two languages is you can translate the most mundane cliche from one language and it sounds like an original refreshing burst of language in the other.'"

* Gibson to start selling a digital guitar. The first run of 3,000 instruments will retail for about $2,600 each.


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