February 25, 2004

Its some special action with motives unclear

* Tangmonkey (scroll down a little) has posted the "greatest hits" version of will oldham's new partner. Gorgeous.

* This month's online edition of the sun features an excerpt of their print interview with Vandana Shiva, a leader in the social-justice and ecology movements, on how globalization and the WTO are turning people of the third world into the property of multinational corporations:

"Globalization has been presented as purely a trade issue, but it is actually about appropriation of resources. It makes property out of things that have never before been owned as property. Native plant life replentishes itself and belongs to communities. The idea of planting seeds, plants, and even genes of certain organisms threatens to change this. Similarly, water, which has always been recognized as a commons, is being privatized. This conflict involves nearly all of humanity -- and all the species on this planet -- versus a handful of corporations."

* ah, the onion:

"'I was staring at the figure for the deficit, and I decided that it simply could not stand," Bush said. "It was too high. Something had to be done. But Americans have been taxed and taxed. I say 'Enough taxes.' By my estimation, this historical crossing-out of the deficit will save American taxpayers millions, billions, and perhaps even bajillions of dollars.'

"The president then turned to Section 14-D of the official budget document, where the federal government's total expenditures, the GNP, and the difference between the two were listed. Using a black Sharpie, the president crossed out the third figure, eliminating it entirely.

"Bush then held up the newly marked-up page and said, 'My fellow Americans, I have solved the federal budget crisis.'"


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