February 26, 2004

It was very nice Candlelight and Dubonnet on ice

Excerpt from World on Fire by Michael Brownstein:

Because what doesn't kill me makes me stronger
Locales always have outlasted empires.

"Without legitimacy, power structures crumble." (A. Gramsci)
And this bastard structure's days are numbered.

This age of manufactured mind.
This push to transform life into products.
This culture drowning in the present in the name of the future.
This heart of darkness beating its fluid into every cell.
Flooding everything but the "American business" version of the bottom line.

Throw someone in jail for breaking a McDonalds window, but not whoever's responsible for the wage the
person is paid to work there.

Throw the landless in jail for squatting on a patch of weeds, but not whoever's responsible for the forests cut down around them.

Give an Earth Liberation Front activist 22 years in prison for torching three SUVs, but ignore the "property rights" of all other life forms.

Market prices the sole arbiter of value.

Every choice made on the basis of economic return.

Human life calculated as earning potential.

Tank cars full of privatized water and not a drop to drink.



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