February 4, 2004

I'll put twenty-five knicker, please, on Gallop printer

* GBV back in the studio, expect another album from them this summer.

* Since Bush took office, more than 2.3 million non-farm jobs have been lost.

* Iraq citizens speak out about the water problems: “This is just like Saddam’s time. In fact, it is worse. We have less water now than before. We are all sick with stomach problems and kidney stones. Our crops are dying.”

And: “Bechtel is spending all of their money without any studies. We give our NGO’s all of our information before they do the work, and they know what to do. Bechtel is painting buildings, but this doesn’t give clean water to the people who have died from drinking contaminated water. We ask of them that instead of painting buildings, they give us one water pump and we’ll use it to give water service to more people. We have had no change since the American’s came here. We know Bechtel is wasting money, but we can’t prove it.”

And: “It was much better before the invasion. We had 24 hours running water then. Now we are drinking this garbage because it is all we have.”


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