February 12, 2004

hey, mr. spaceman, please take me along for the ride

Not breaking news, but in 2000 former Red Sox Pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee said he was rooting for George W. Bush in the U.S. presidential race because he once smoked pot with the candidate. [via skimble]

"The way things are now, people want to party and George W. is the kind of guy you can party with," the Montreal Gazette quoted Lee as saying.

"Back in 1973, we rolled a couple of doobies and smoked them together. And I can tell you -- he definitely inhaled."

"The Gazette said Lee had told a similar story on TV earlier in the U.S. election campaign.

"The former rebel left-hander with the Montreal Expos and Boston Red Sox was often at odds with baseball authorities during his career and once, when facing suspension for the use of illegal drugs, claimed he only got marijuana to sprinkle on his breakfast cereal."


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