January 22, 2004

Potluck Setlist

Beck -- Modesto
Beachwood Sparks -- Something I Don't Recognize
Neil Young -- Revolution Blues
Meat Puppets -- liquefied
Graham Parsons -- I Can't Dance
Gene Clark -- Full Circle Song
Silkworm -- Let's Kill Saturday Night
Lee / Nancy -- Greenwich Village Folk Song Salesman
Bill Fox -- I'll Give It Away
Wilco -- War on War
PSOI -- Something Happens Always
The Clean -- Psychedelic Ranger
Pink Nasty -- Mordecai
Palace -- We All, Us Three, Will Ride
Risin Shotgun -- Is Not a Cowboy
Bobby Bare Jr. -- I'll Be Around
Silver Jews -- Inside the Golden Days of Missing You
VU -- Cool It Down
The Clientele -- Joseph Cornell
Felt -- Christopher Street
Orange Juice -- Felicity
Belle & Sebastian -- She's Losin It
The Wrens -- Hopeless
Built to Spill -- Made Up Dreams
Pere Ubu -- The Modern Dance
Pavement -- Westie Can't Drum
Fugs -- Kill For Peace


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