January 9, 2004

It's my Non-alignment pact

From Kristine McKenna's Book of Changes:

"Artists somehow stumble onto the best life in the world and I have no complaints about this life -- maybe the next one, but not this one. Acting, meeting a guy who feels good the way you do, being able to get up on the morning and do what you want during the day and then go to sleep at night -- it's a pretty good thing." --- Gina Rowlands, 1989

The most over-rated idea currently popular in western culture is "the idea of the free individual. That's a very over-rated aspiration and American society is full of its symptoms. There's a limited sense in which people differ from one another and those differences are fairly superficial. There are many more ways that people are alike, but the whole accent of contemporary culture is to stress the differences. People are encouraged to want their own this and their own that, and told that these preferences are indicative of their individuality -- and such is the basis of consumer culture." --- Brian Eno, 1980

"I read when I'm not preoccupied with other things, like getting healthy, or getting in a state of euphoria, then yes, I read a lot."
--- Nico, 1979


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