January 15, 2004

Enough On Our Plates

* With Bush talking about spending $1 Billion for NASA to get to Mars and another $1.5 Billion to 'promote marriage,' which in Republican speak translates to, 'make sure gays have less rights,' its difficult to believe more people are not up in arms.

Its shocking to see nobody taking Bush to task as he proposes spending 50 percent MORE in the fight to deny a segment of our population basic rights than he proposes to send someone to Mars.

We have the largest deficit in american history, Osama is still at-large, airport screeners (and the TSA) have no clue, and while the media has for a year or so now been echoing the Administrations' assurance that the economy is getting better, people are losing jobs everyday, and those unemployed continue to have real problems getting a job in their field. Why is there not incredible anger and dismay about these new, superfluous projects?


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