January 13, 2004

The Bush administration's ethics are hidden away in a secure, undisclosed location.

* "Three leading non-proliferation experts from a prominent think tank charge that the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush 'systematically misrepresented' the threat posed by Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

"In a 107-page report released Thursday, Jessica Mathews, Joseph Cirincione and George Perkovich of the Washington-based Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) call for the creation of an independent commission to fully investigate what the U.S. intelligence community knew, or believed it knew, about the true state of Iraq's WMD program between 1991 and 2003."

For more, read: New WMD Report Slams Bush White House.

* "Fox viewers are much more likely to see a great deal of bias in media coverage than viewers of CNN, network news or local TV news." - Howard Kurtz, finally telling the truth, however inadvertently [via media whores online]

* Michelangelo Signorile on Matt Drudge and Andrew Sullivan.


"It's sleazy enough that a conservative would work for Moon and ignore his dark and dangerous agenda. But how on earth could a gay writer take a check from a man who can't wait to see him thrown into an oven? Andrew Sullivan has reveled in his own idiotic claim that after 9/11 certain liberals, because they didn't agree with George W. Bush's policies, represented a 'fifth column' supporting Osama bin Laden. Meanwhile, here he is, on the payroll of a guy who would like to see the mass extinction of his own people. Sullivan likes to think of himself as a gay rights activist?that's actually how New York magazine described him recently but he only seems to activate when the targets are liberals. Bill Clinton gets the Sullivan hatchet treatment for signing the Defense of Marriage Act, while the grossly homophobic Unification Church's leader gets a weekly column from him in return for a few bucks to keep Sullivan's increasingly lackluster and predictable web page afloat.

"Equally duplicitous is the sexually circumspect Drudge, who draws credibility from the Washington Times' numerous references and vice versa. He spent the better part of last week trying to frame liberals as belittling the Nazis and the Holocaust. For days he stoked a bogus story pushed by the Republican National Committee and the Wall Street Journal that claimed that the group MoveOn.org had created tv ads comparing Bush to Hitler. When the ads were gone from the group's web site, the right-wingers claimed they had scored another victory, as when they got cowardly CBS to ban The Reagans."
"Drudge and company were nonetheless successful in spinning their lies into the mainstream press, with the lazy Judy Woodruff and others at CNN only too willing to report the RNC's talking points as objective news. Funny how Drudge blew up a fake story and expressed outrage about Bush being compared to a genocidal dictator, but then didn't find it newsworthy to link to the comments of a powerful newspaper owner, cult leader and Bush family pal who is actually calling for genocide of Drudge's own kind, no less.

"Maybe Moon had told Drudge and Sullivan that they'll be spared on Judgment Day. Or maybe they just don't give a shit about anyone but themselves."


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