December 29, 2003

The people in this city call me country/Because of how I walk and talk and smile

* Listing of various types of insanity known to affect authors.

a few from the list:

"The cover doesn’t look like I imagined it would. I must now do my best to bring Western Civilization to a screeching halt."

"Picking up a quickie work-for-hire gig writing a media tie-in novel isn’t going to affect my productivity on the ongoing series I have under contract at another house."

"I write brilliant sex scenes. How come you keep cutting them?"

"I’ve set my novel aside because I’m working on a nonfiction book about [some complex, recondite, and divisive subject where even the experts tread softly, about which I’ve very recently conceived an obsessive interest] that will finally Set Everyone Straight."

[via making light]

* The Day the Music Died, a must read.


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