December 2, 2003

mystery train three way plane expressway to your skull

Stupid Punk vs. Smart Punk
-- by kim gordon

When I first moved to NYC. I
was at the Kiev. Johnny Thunders was
in the next booth. He was there with some
friends. He threw sugar in my eggs having
"a punk moment." I told him to fuck off...
He called me four eyes. I blushed and bit my tongue.
He's a dead punk. He's a dead punk.

History of Punk in Prose
-- by Thurston Moore

ricky rivitts picks up an electric guitar
hammers out atomic wimp trash e-chords
delivers punk to queens and arthur
killer kane -- sub-ugly to teh dolls
where everyone is fabulouslessly unfucking beautiful
raunch n roll supershit
"16 and bored to the bottom of our bowels"
ricky rivitts will always rock and rule
monster-glam, can't get it up at the coventry
his balls are like 2 cherry bombs


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