December 10, 2003

I saw you standing in the parking lot

Excerpts from Joe Brainard's masterpiece I Remember:

"I remember Leadbelly records smaller than most records."

"I remember rumors about what Marlon Brando had to do to get his first acting job."

"I remember the tobacco smell on my fathers breath."

"I remember how sad and happy at the same time Christmas carols always made me feel: all warm inside."

"I remember rolling balls of mercury around in the palm of my hand, and shining dimes with it."

"I remember on cold mornings, counting to ten before making myself jump out of bed."

"I remember wondering how one would go about putting on a rubber gracefully, in the given situation."

"I remember that Lana Turner wore brown to one of her weddings."

"I remember the rumor that the reason Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio split up was because Marilyn couldn't get turned on without another girl in the bed with them, and Joe got fed up with this."

"I remember the "casting couch."

"I remember digging around in ice cold water for an orange soda pop."

"I remember trying not to look lonely in restaurants alone."

"I remember stories about how LBJ got off on holding private conferences while on the john."

"I remember (stoned) reaching out for a joint that really isn't being passed to you yet."

"I remember (stoned) when the most profound though in the world totally evaporates before you can find a pencil."

"I remember green grass knee stains."

"I remember looking for four-leaf clovers, but not for long."


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