November 24, 2003

"sometimes i drive out to topanga and park my car in the sand, watching and waiting for a pick-up from my man"

* Skimble asks: Is Halliburton the new flypaper?

* Nabokov, the worlds most famous Lepidopterist.

* The Predator Class:

"I believe there is now a professional, well-trained elite, supported by large institutions, that is adept and willing to use corrupt practices to accumulate wealth. Despite assurances from game-theorists and anthropologists that the criminal cadre in the species remains a constant percentage over time, I believe today's mainstream, sanitized, and institutionally sanctioned financial crime rackets are being run by a new breed of crook. There have always been scandals and crooks in the history of American money, but our predator class is a distinct creation of the late 20th century."


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