November 13, 2003

Potluck Setlist

Cinnamon Girl -- Neil Young
Bubble Gum -- Sonic Youth
All the Nations Airports -- Archers of Loaf
Nefarious -- Spoon
Feel a Whole Lot Better -- Flaming Groovies
Can't Explain -- Black Tambourine
La La La Lies -- The Who
Cast a Shadow -- Yo La Tengo
Big Cat -- The Clean
Zoo Music Girl -- The Birthday Party
Stranger in Blue Suede Shoes -- Kevin Ayres
Dirty Boulevard -- Lou Reed
Daddy Never Understood -- Deluxx Folk Implosion
Tears on Fresh Fruit -- Sparklehorse
Androgynous -- The Replacements
Kozee Heart -- Yatsura
Unfair -- Pavement
Undress for Success -- McLusky
Session Man -- Scene Creamers
Love Ain't No Feeling -- Bill Fox
Song for Sex -- Neutral Milk Hotel
Free -- Cat Power
Mystery Hours -- New Pornographers
Play it as it Lays -- The Tyde
St. Ides Heaven -- Eliot Smith
Leave the Planet -- Galaxie 500
Smith and Jones Forever -- Silver Joos


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