October 16, 2003

Potluck Setlist

She Smiled, Wild - Mirrors
Stars Go By - Bevis Frond
Let's Be Buried Together - Bill Fox
Run Run Run - The Who
Time Will Tell - Holly Golightly
Temptation Inside Your Heart - Velvet Underground
All the Negatives Have Been Destroyed - Spoon
Hammering the Cramps - Sparklehorse
Tool - Heavenly
Friday I'm in Love - Glo-Worm
Erotic City - Dump
Tuna Phish - Black Nasty
Blackout - Pavement
Hey Lonnie - Scene Creamers
Morality - Smog
Bubble Gum - Sonic Youth
Mr. Soul - Neil Young
What Difference Does It Make - Bobby Bare Jr.
Let's Not and Say We Did - Silver Jews
Lazy Days - The Byrds
I Couldn't Get High - The Fugs
Lies - Rolling Stones
Hot & Cold Skulls - Royal Trux
Connection - Elastica
He War - Cat Power
Once Over Twice - X
I Deserve It - Dean and Britta
Henry VII - The Tyde
Drug Test - Yo La Tengo


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