October 8, 2003

Playing the Leader

"I like to play the leader," said Arnold Schwarzenegger at the beginning of an old episode of The New Dating Game that The Gameshow Network aired last night.

In order to determine who he picked for the date, Arnold was able to ask each women a question (he could not see, nor did he know anything about the women). Arnold asked the following questions:

1) "Lady number one, what does it mean to 'hanky-panky?'
2)"Number two, my measurements are ... how does my body compare to yours?
3)"Lady number three, I like to do pretty things for a women. What pretty things can I do for you?

Arnold chose number two, Kay, because, as he said "I happened to get very turned on by her voice. She has a sexy voice."

The couple won a dinner at a likely now-defunct Beverly Hills establishment, a trip to Hawaii, and each was given a pair of waterskis.


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