October 7, 2003

frightened by an incoming fax

Many of you are likely aware of Jeff Krulik through his 1986 short "Heavy Metal Parking Lot." Prior to creating the monumental look at the parking lot scene he produced the underground cable access 'dance party,' the "Scott and Gary Show," which featured early appearances by the Beastie Boys (when they were still doing punk rock), Half-Japanese, and The Butthole Surfers. A retrospective of the show can be found on video, but a trailer for the Scott and Gary show can be viewed here (if you look closely you may notice that one of the Butthole's drummers is the same women who tried to sell the Madonna Pap-Smear in Slacker).

Other Krulik films can be sampled here. Krulik's films will be shown at AFI, in Silver Spring, MD, in late October.


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