September 18, 2003

my setlist from last night's edition of Potluck:

johnny cash - guess things happen that way
warren zevon - excitable boy

frank zappa - you can get a point across
bruce mcculloch - eraserhead
kevin ayers - soon soon soon
beach boys - he gives speeches
love - my flash on you
bill fox - way way down
mountain goats - see america right
the clean - beatnik
smog - a hit
fugs - we are the fugs
silver jews - im gonna love the hell out of you
neil young - walk on
sparklehorse - rainmaker
mclusky - to hell with good intentions
sonic youth - eric's trip
pavement - price yeah
neutral milk hotel - holland 1945
velvet underground - white light white heat
luna - thank you for sending me an angel
olivia tremor control - a sleepy company
summer hymns - pete rose affinity
the tyde - crystal canyon
miracle legion - mr. spaceman
letigre - whats yr take on cassavetes
david axelrod - for what its worth
sebadoh - sister
rolling stones - before they make me run
yo la tengo - sugercube
castaway stones - the revolution creaks on a bed
wedding present - kennedy
consonent - john coltranes my favorite things
free kitten - greener pastures
patti smith - my generation


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