September 26, 2003

Flunking the Propaganda Course

four bits from Bob Dylan's tarantula:

down with you sam. down with your
answers too. Hitler did not change
history. Hitler WAS history/ sure
you can teach people to be beautiful,
but don't you know that there's a
greater force that teaches them to be gullible-yeah it's called
the problem force/ they assign every-
body problems/ Your problem is that you
wanna better word for world . .
you cannot kill what lives an expect no-
body to take notice. history is alive/
it breathes/ now cut out that jive/
go count your fish. gotta go. Someone's
coming to tame my shrew.. hope they re-
moved your lung successfully say hi
to your sister
Wimp your
Friendly Pirate

look! like i told you before, it doesn't
matter where it's at! there's no such
thing. it's where it's not at that you
gotta know. so what if tony married his
mother! what's it got to do with your life?
i really have no idea why you're so unhappy.
perhaps you ought to change your line of
work. you know. like how long can someone
of your caliber continue to paint pencil
sharpeners..... see you next summer, good to
know you're off the wagon.
prematurely yours,

hi. watcha doing? how's the new religion?
feel any different? gave it up myself. just
couldn't make all the auctions and frankly,
i's running out of bread. you know how it
is, like about that little old lady in the
back building all the time pointing telling
me that God is watching. you know, like for a
while there, i's scared to take a shit. anxious
to get together with you. i know you dont wear
bow ties anymore but i'm interested in other
aspects of your new faith too. by the way, are
you still in the keyhole business? cant wait
to talk to you
your buddy,

unfortunately my friend, you shall not get
the information you seek out of me, i, my
good man, am not a fink! none of my relatives
are or have been related to benedict arnold
& i myself despise john wilkes booth-i dont
smoke marijuana & my family hates italian
food-none of my friends like black & white
movies & again myself, i have never seen a
russian ballet-also, i have started an organization
to turn in all people that laugh at
newsreels-so: could you please stop those
letters to the district attorney saying that
i know who murdered my wife-my principles are
at stake here-i would NOT sacrifice them for
one moment of pleasure-i am an honest man
yours in growth,
ivan the bloodburst


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