August 27, 2003

"With or without the radio I'm still dangerous to parents" --- Lou Reed

* People are Strange.

* Over at NewFlux is the beautiful original J.K. & Co. version of "Fly." (As many of you are aware, the Jicks have been covering this song for a while now.) The song is taken from the only album the band ever recorded, 1968's Suddenly One Summer. J.K. & Co. were led by the 15 year old singer/songwriter Jay Kaye, son of the guitarist Mary Kaye of Las Vegas' The Mary Kaye Trio and namesake of the Mary Kaye Fender Stratocaster. The album itself is primarily inspired by Jay's spiritual awakening as a result of taking LSD, and is meant to represent the birth and death of a fictional man.

* Chromewaves noted yesterday that Matador is planning to release an expanded version of Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain in 2004.

* Short "interview" of Lou Reed.


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