August 6, 2003

When The Going Gets Weird

"If elected, I will resign," Brian Flemming, candidate for Governor, California

"Dear California voter,

In November 2002, the people of our state decided who should become governor if Gov. Gray Davis were to leave office. That person is Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante.

However, the Lt. Gov. is refusing to run on the recall ballot, out of solidarity with the Democratic party.

While Cruz Bustamante's loyalty is admirable, his (and other major Democrats') refusal to run will likely leave those of us who are opposed to the recall with few credible options on the second part of the recall ballot. As many experts have pointed out, should Davis lose the recall vote, it is quite possible that a Republican with a small minority of votes could take the governor's office.

My candidacy is designed to address this looming threat.

If elected, I will immediately resign. This action will make Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante the governor of California.

This is the entirety of my platform. I take no position on any issue other than the recall.

I know that asking for your vote is asking for you to support a radical action. Normally, I would say such a vote would be crazy.

But we are in crazy times. There is a very real possibility that a Republican or worse could be our state's governor on October 8.

If Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante takes the governor's office, even by unusual means, that will be by far the best result for our state and our democracy.

We must fight the right-wing assault on our democracy. Please consider giving me your vote, and I promise to give it directly to Lt. Gov. Cruz M. Bustamante.

Make Brian Flemming your backup plan.

A vote for Brian Flemming is a vote for Cruz Bustamante.

A vote for Brian Flemming is a vote for democracy.

If elected, I will resign.


Brian Flemming
Lifelong Democrat
Lifelong Californian"


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